Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for your commonly asked questions

    How much does shipping cost?

  • Shipping cost is based upon 65 pounds with UPS or Fedex, plus $20 for packing. Packing is not a profit center, that is the actual cost for the double boxing and packing materials.

    Why is this amp so special?

  • When these amps were originally manufactured, the engineers were allowed to use the finest components available. Even though the absolute best was used to engineer these amps, at the time the amps were overlooked because they were built in Japan. Americans thought the only high end amps that were worth having were American built. Unfortunately, it has taken this long for many to realize the error they made in thinking that. Here it is 20-odd years later and the engineering and the quality of components are making it so these amps are still going strong today and sound outstanding, and furthermore continue to outperform the new amps of today. Let's remember, this is a company that builds organs, guitars, pianos, drums, etc. and has for decades. So with that thought in mind, would you agree that Yamaha has a very strong handle on natural sound? That is the premise which these amps were founded on.

    Can I buy an amp directly?

  • Amps are normally auctioned on e-bay or you can purchase them directly through the website.  You can contact us about what amps will be available and when.  We only accept Paypal.

    What is the average cost of restoration?

  • ::Stages of restoration and cost::
  • First: The amp is thoroughly cleaned (that includes removing Sony bonding glue).
  • Second: Speaker terminal conversion. All old speaker terminals are removed and replaced with new 5-way terminals.
  • Third: All pots are checked and lubed. Amp then brought up to normal operating temperature and output millivolts are adjusted to factory specs. Class A-B millivolts are checked and adjusted; Class A millivolts are checked and adjusted. Amp is then placed on power amplifier analyzer and checked for total output watts and distortion levels.
  • Forth: We replace all the incandescent bulbs with LEDs. Meters are tested and properly adjusted
  • Fifth: Adjust millivolt output.
  • Sixth: We replace the speaker terminals with heavy duty five-way binding posts.
  • Seventh: Exterior surfaces are reconditioned/painted. Glass is replaced/restored.
  • This above is a minimum requirement for us to accept the amp for restoration. The total for the above items (excluding capacitors, transistors, resistors) is $397.50, plus shipping. THIS IS ASSUMING THE AMP IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL.
  • The amp is then checked for any weak components. The above cost does NOT include any weak capacitors, transistors, or resistors found. The cost of any replacement part is approximately $26 a piece (that price includes labor).
  • We require you ship it to us double boxed. For information about shipping Click here. All restorations are done by appointment only. Restoration turnaround time is approximately three weeks.

  • Why is my protection light on?

  • Over time, the Sony bonding glue breakdown on the main board is responsible for component failure. In time becomes extremely corrosive and conductive. This is an area that cannot be neglected and must be addressed. Another common culprit of protection light illumination is starting the amp with the volume at a high level or excessive 4 ohm speaker load. These amps should never have more than one set (one pair) of 4 ohm speakers. Unfortunately, after the amps have been ABUSED in this way, now the process of finding the damaged transistor, capacitor, or resistor begins. It is time consuming and costly.

  • Should I run a surge protector on my amp?

  • ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Find one with the highest joules and one with the fastest response (nano, pico). Again, these are rare amps and to lose one in a power surge or lightening strike, would be a crime.

  • What Yamaha amps do we service?

  • M-40, M-45, M-60, M-65, M-70, M-80, M-85, MX-460, MX-600, MX-630, MX-800, MX-830, MX-1000(U), MX-2000, MX-10000, PRO SERIES, PC-2602/M, PC4002/M.

  • What does the "U" stand for in the MX-1000U?

  • The "U" is a designation that the amp is a fixed voltage amp for the US and Canada only and cannot be adjusted.